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Birlasoft's Testing, Insurance CRM Solutions, Analytics and ERP Services help insurance software companies run their day-to-day business with ease.

Digital and IT Transformation services lead our new-age transformation services that help our insurance clients, across segments, in being future-ready.

Property and Casualty Software Applications


P&C insurance companies are facing disruptive change in the form of digital technologies, such as social media, analytics and telematics.  They will continue to transform the market landscape, recalibrating customer expectations and opening new ways to reach and acquire clients. There are numerous IT initiatives that insurers have in hand to sail through the changing times and take their organization to the next level.

capabilities / services

  • Core Product Evaluation
  • Enabling legacy sunset
  • Policy Admin System: Speed to Market for New Product Launch
  • Document Management: Admitted and Non-Admitted Lines Forms Processing
  • Claims Transformation
  • Testing & QA
    • Guidewire Services
    • DuckCreek Services
  • Usage based Insurance
  • Predictive Analytics for Fraud Detection


Insurance industry is in the middle of a digital revolution to enable faster claims processing and transactions.

Our Insurance solutions help expedite transformations and adapt newer digital trends.

Portal Solutions (Producer, Underwriter, Consumer)Portal Solutions (Producer, Underwriter, Consumer)
IOT for InsuranceIOT for Insurance


IoT’s real-time data collection and sharing power is creating significant new opportunities in finer product segmentation, more specialized pools of risk and predictive modeling to better assess risk, improve loss control and accelerate premium growth.

Focused on underwriters, Birlasoft’s IoT for Insurance helps underwriters with risk assessment of plants by analyzing data from sensors installed at various stages of production.

Solution Overview

    • Data analysis from sensor installed in power plants
    • It analyses data transmitted from sensors installed in power plants, giving indicators as to the health of the plant, probability of breakdown etc. thus, helping underwriters to assess the Risk accurately and accordingly price it.
    • It’ll also give a black box like data feed that can be used in the event of claim to determine exact details around the loss or damage.
    • It’ll help reduce premium payment for insured, reduced losses, reduced claim payments for insurers and also fraud prevention.
Augmented UnderwritingAugmented Underwriting

Augmented Underwriting

Augmented Underwriting is fast replacing traditional  Underwriting in Insurance; and for good reasons.

Data Science and predictive analytics enable  unique company models that evaluate and rate risks far more accurately and intuitively at the same time

Solution Overview

    • Augmented Underwriting not only shortens or eliminates Underwriting Review, It also reduces fraud and claims.
    • Predictive models with risk scores create long term differentiation for Insurance companies
    • Customized models built for an Insurer’s unique portfolio and IT landscape are Typically better than the models enabled through licensed products
    • Processing time for Life Insurance applications can be reduced by eliminating or reducing lab tests
    • Reinsurers can use automated Underwriting Models to review large block of Insurance Policies effectively and efficiently


Insurance Industry's technology adoption has been on rise in this decade. Our services help large - small players in

Propoerty & Casualty, Life and Health and Re-Insurance segments be an effective insurer via our service portfolio