TruServ FSM is a cloud based solution built on Salesforce Lightning that provides automated field service capabilities, IoT integration

to installed base along with outcome-focused analytics for touchless automation of field service processes

Problem Statement

Most customer Field Services processes have challenges around Work order, Service Dispatch and Customer Feedback

Poor Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Scores

Poor Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Scores

Poor diagnoses of root cause leading to missed SLAs

Poor diagnoses of root cause leading to missed SLAs

Inaccurate/unavailable install site data

Inaccurate/ unavailable install site data

Inaccurate agent scheduling /conflictmanagement

Inaccurate agent scheduling /conflictmanagement

Poor/ Negligible intelligence to support SMART field service

Poor/ Negligible intelligence to support SMART field service


Revenue Challenges

  • Reliance on scheduled maintenance
  • Delay in report filing and invoice generation
  • Poor visibility into field force activities
  • Loss of expertise and knowledge

Productivity Challenges

  • Lack of real-time information on spare parts
  • Use of physical field service manuals
  • Lack of remote monitoring tools

TruServ FSM Solution

TruServ FSM is an industry solution built on the Salesforce platform with IoT integration and predictive analytics, purpose–built for manufacturing customers , and extends the platform capabilities to specific industry scenarios around service model using dealers, OEM warranty and claims management and related processes etc.

TruServ FSM Solution


  • IoT setup and plugin for Field Service Lightning

  • Intelligent dispatch rules based on Rating, location, Skills to assist selecting the Field Service agent

  • Predictive Analytics for FS: Setup Connected BI for FS and improve FS outcomes

  • Lightning Controller libraries for FS solutions (Calendar, Mapping, Rules, Invoice Generation)

TruView CLM Features


  • Over 200 Field Service Projects and proven results over 10+ years with multiple customers

  • Experience over Salesforce, Oracle , Servicemax and SAP

  • Platinum partner to Salesforce and Oracle

Our FSM Services


  • Field Service Automation

    maturity assessment and roadmap

  • Framework

    to incorporate IoT and Predictive analytics to existing service solution

  • Technical Architecture alignment

    based on customer technology stack


  • Field Service Lightning(Salesforce)

    installation, setup and configuration

  • TruServ solution setup

    based on “modular” needs around dispatch, scheduling and work order


  • Incubate, implement or enhance Internet of Things

    integration to field service applications and processes

  • Outcome based analytics

    to predict service outcomes and drive field service efficiencies

  • Auto –dispatch rules

    based on machine / sensory data


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